Learning Region Upper Pinzgau

Project sponsor:Verein Salzburger Erwachsenenbildung (ARGE SEB)
Project duration:July 2010 - end of 2013
Amount invested:€ 171.200,-
Level of sponsorship:80 %

Together with the regions of Tennengau and Salzburg Lake District, the project "Learning Region" is also being rolled out in Upper Pinzgau, thus giving creative impetus to the further development of the educational landscape. The awareness of the population with regard to (further) education is strengthened and transparency of the options created by emphasizing the practical relevance for the region. 

The basic idea is for regional (further education) institutions to create a sustainable network centered around the theme of "Learning". In Upper Pinzgau region, this network consists of the following institutions: Vocational Training Institute, BiBer Educational Guidance, Catholic Training Institute, Rural Further Education Institute, Public Libraries, Salzburg Training Institute, Adult Education Centre, Economic Development Institute, Forum Family, Employment Market Service, Regional Association Upper Pinzgau and LEADER Management Nationalpark Hohe Tauern.

This education network is developing and implementing an education strategy, allowing for regional requirements and existing cooperation. Together with local players, supplementary to existing offers, inter-community and -institutional key aspects are developed and practical projects implemented in the area of education. In close cooperation with LEADER Region Nationalpark Hohe Tauern and the Regional Association Upper Pinzgau, a joint education strategy for the Learning Region Upper Pinzgau has already been developed. In addition to the key topics of integration, education, tourism, women and emancipatory education, the strategy's primary aim is education marketing by all education providers for increased transparency. By showing a collective appearance, the significance of the region will be enhanced on the one hand, and on the other hand the market and regional knowledge within the group improved. This prevents available options from overlapping.

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