Alm Summer in der Nationalpark-Region

Culinary delights, hiking and enjoying nature

Mountain huts in this region are a workplace for farmers and popular destinations for our guests: High up in the mountains, priorities change quite radically.

The smartphone is silent, the  constant stream of thoughts racing through your head comes to a standstill. Jackdaws circle against the backdrop of mighty peaks, while the tempting fragrance of freshly donuts wafts across from the hut. It is the little things in life that have long-lasting effects.
There are around 120 such huts in the National Park Hohe Tauern Holiday Region. They are small refuges of complete happiness. Operated according to traditional farming practices, they also welcome guests with open arms: to enjoy refreshments or spend a night up in the mountains. Because much of their work is done by hand and without electricity, hikers and mountaineers experience this idyllic setting as genuine and authentic. 340 horses, 7000 head of cattle, including 1300 dairy cows, along with 7600 sheep and goats ensure that the alpine meadows are well grazed, and this ancient cultural region is preserved.

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