Winter - and Snowshoe hike

Nature experiences off the slopes in the National Park region

At first glance, the landscape at the foot of Austria's highest mountains seems to rest under a thick blanket of snow. But at second glance it quickly becomes clear: life in the Holiday Region National Park Hohe Tauern goes on even in winter.
Perhaps a little quieter and more reserved, but no less lively. Everywhere in the snow you can find traces of wild animals such as the snow hare, black grouse, fox, chamois or ermine. Winter is a hard time for the animals and an invitation to guests, nature lovers and families to discover their habitat in a completely different way.

Snowshoe hike | © Holiday Region National Park Hohe Tauern - Daniel Breuer

Safe on the road

In flat terrain, snowshoeing is a popular alternative to normal walks, as you can also hike on deep snow. Don't forget protective equipment off the walking trails, as avalanche danger lurks everywhere. To protect the animals, please keep to the designated routes (see tour plan below) and avoid protected zones.



Snoshoe hike | © Holiday Region National Park Hohe Tauern - Branislav Rohal

Tipp: Nationalpark Ranger tours

The winter programme with National Park rangers is aimed at the whole family and includes winter and snowshoe hikes, e.g. in the Rauris primeval forest or to the Krimml waterfalls.



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