Harvest festival season

Music, crafts und more

In the Hohe Tauern National Park holiday region, people have lived in harmony with nature for generations: The weather and the seasons set the pace and lend the year its structure.

For almost three decades, the Salzburg Bauernherbst has been captivating tourists, visitors, and locals with lived traditions, authentic customs, craftsmanship, music, and culinary delights: More than 70 locations in the Salzburg region participate with over 2,000 events in the festivities.

The 29th Salzburg Bauernherbst will be inaugurated on August 24, 2024, in a ceremonial manner in Rauris. The program includes a grand parade, a concert by the Trachtenmusikkapelle, demonstrations of customs and crafts for watching and participating, as well as children's entertainment. The Rauris farmers, associations, and innkeepers will indulge guests with delicacies of alpine autumn cuisine.

Until October 31, over 65 Bauernherbst events will take place in the 18 National Park municipalities: These include, among others, the grand Nassfelder sheep drive in Bad Gastein, almabtrieb festivals in Bramberg, Fusch, and Krimml, farmers' markets, mountain masses, and the Mittersill Strudel Festival.