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Traditional culture and typical regional products - 25 years of Bauernherbst

The harvest is brougt in and the cows, calves, sheep and pigs have been driven from the alms into the valley. Enough reason to celebrate the Farmers Autumn between end of August and end of October in the towns in the Hohe Tauern National Park Holiday Region.

A varied Bauernherbst program awaits the visitors. So one can become acquainted with Musikkapellen (traditional brass bands), Trachtengruppen (traditional costume groups), traditional culture and farming life as well as typical regional products at the farmers markets.

Experience the traditionell Bauernherbst

We make every effort to keep the range of events up to date. Nevertheless, all information is without guarantee. Please also check directly with the respective organiser. 

(Last update: 23.07.2021)

21. TO 22. AUG. 2021 - WHEN 15.00 / 7.00 - WHERE Piesendorf, Dorfplatz
Saturday Bartlmä-Ranggeln (3.00 pm) and "Die lange Musiknacht" (6.00 pm), Sunday Bartlmä-hiking (7.00 am) and traditional festival with folk music, old crafts, tractor vintage presentation and much more.
T +43 6549 7239, find out more >>

27 AUG. UNTIL 3 SEPT. 2021 - WHEN 7.30 pm, every Friday - WHERE Wald, Dorfplatz

Farmers' market with seasonal produce, delicacies from the Wald farmers' wives, concert by the Walder Trachtenmusikkapelle (traditional brass band of Wald) and children's programme.
T +43 6565 8243, find out more >>

27 AUG. UNTIL 10 SEPT. 2021 - WHEN 8.00 p.m., every Friday - WHERE  Neukirchen, Musikpavillon Bramberg, Dorfpavillon
Square concert of the Trachtenmusikkapelle (traditional brass band) with bar. In all weather.
T +43 720 710 730, find out more >>

4 SEPT. 2021 - WHEN 12.00 noon - WHERE Bruck & Fusch, Landwirtschaftsschule Bruck ALMABTRIEBSFEST
The magnificently decorated cows from the Piffalm return to their home barns via the centre of Fusch. The Almabtrieb festival with a regional farmers' market, live music, demonstrations by associations, lots of customs, a colourful children's programme and tasty culinary delights takes place in the courtyard of the Agricultural School.
T +43 6545 7295, find out more>>

5 SEPT. 2021 WHEN 10.00 a.m. - 

WHEN 10.00 a.m. - WHERE Taxenbach, Ortszentrum
After the solemn mass procession with the Trachtenmusikkapelle (traditional brass band). Followed by a festival with dance and tradition demonstrations, a large children's programme and Pinzgau delicacies.
T +43 6543 5252, find out more >>

WHEN 11.00 a.m. - WHERE Mittersill, "Lebzelter- und Hintergasse"
Strudel festival with traditional music and children's programme. In addition to the well-known apple and curd strudel, the innkeepers offer a variety of their own original creations. Traditional sounds of regional groups accompany the festival musically.
T +43 6562 4292, find out more >>

5 TO 19 SEPT. 2021 - WHERE Raurisertal
Guests can look forward to a varied autumnal programme such as guided hikes, a delicatessen market and much more.
T +43 6544 20022, find out more >>

11 SEPT. 2021

WHEN 11.00 a.m. - WHERE Wald, Dorfplatz
Large traditional festival with Almabtrieb and horse & tractor-drawn carts, large farmers' market, Ranggln, concert by the Walder Trachtenmusikkapelle (traditional brass band of Wald), traditional costume fashion show, children's programme, estimation game, experience handicrafts up close and much more.
T +43 6565 8243, find our more >>

WHEN 19.00 p.m. - WHERE Neukirchen, Hotel Abelhof
The cows arrive at the Hotel Abelhof at around 2.00 pm. At 7.00 pm starts the traditional festival with musical entertainment by the "Orginal Alpenrauschklang". Food and drinks are well provided for.
T +43 6565 6230, find out more >>  

12 SEPT. 2021

WHEN 9.30 a.m. - WHERE Niedernsill, Dorfplatz
Festive harvest thanksgiving service followed by a village festival with the Musikkapelle Niedernsill (traditional brass band of Niedernsill) and a children's programme. Food and drinks will be provided.t.
T +43 664 75005588, find out more >>

WHEN 10.00 a.m. - WHERE Rauris, Marktstraße
Bauernherbst Festival with parade, traditional alpine pasture drive, dance and tradition demonstrations, presentation of old handicrafts, knitting, children's programme and delicious Bauernherbst delicacies.
T +43 6544 20022, find out more >>

WHEN 10.00 a.m. - WHERE Bramberg, Dorf Pavillon
Bauernherbst Festival with farmers' market, morning pint concert, traditional music, dancing and entertainment with the Tanzlmusi, dance performances by the Plattler, regional products and delicacies from local farmers and the Genussregion Bramberg.
T +43 720 710 730, find out more >>

WHEN 11.00 a.m. - WHERE Kaprun, Salzburger Platz
Festival with farmers' market, regional specialities, musical entertainment and children's programme. Official opening with music band, Trachtenfrauen, Falkenbachschützen and Kapruner Dirndln.
T +43 6547 8080, find out more >>

16 TO SUNDAY, 19 SEPT. 2021 - WHEN 10.00 a.m. - WHERE Bruck and Fusch, Großglockner
Austria's largest tractor meeting with 500 international participants and an extensive programme including a village festival with marquee, live music and culinary delights, skills competition, World Cup ball and morning pint. The highlight is the old-timer tractor regularity time trial on the closed Großglockner High Alpine Road.
T +43 6545 7295, find out more >>

18 SEPT. 2021 - WHEN 11.00 a.m. - WHERE Krimml, Duxeralm
Large alpine pasture drive from the Duxeralm with procession with numerous carts, Schnalzer group, music bands, farmers' market, craft demonstrations, traditional costume fashion show and much more.
T +43 6564 7239, find out more >>

21 SEPT. 2021 - WHEN 10.00 a.m. - WHERE Embach-Lend, Bergwelt
The guided 6km mountain golf tour takes you through Embach's beautiful mountain and plant world, along 11 play stations constructed from old farm equipment. Registration required.
T +43 6543 7215, find out more >>

25 SEPT. 2021 - WHEN 11.00 a.m. - WHERE Uttendorf, Badesee
Bauernherbst Festival for the whole family with an extensive programme. The local farmers' wives spoil you with local specialities.
T +43 6563 8279, find out more >>

30 SEPT. 2021 - WHEN 7.00 p.m. - WHERE Niedernsill, Samerstall 34.
Literary treasures by various speakers. With musical accompaniment.
T +43 664 2355130, find out more >>

2 OCTOBER 2021 - WHEN 11.00 a.m. - WHERE Hollersbach, Ortszentrum 9.
Plattlerfest of the Tauernkogler Mittersill with Plattler groups from near and far, children's programme, marquee, Juhschroaparty and DJ from 8.00 p.m.
T +43 6562 4292, find out more >>

3 OCTOBER 2021

WHEN 10.00 a.m. - WHERE Embach, Dorfplatz
Festive service with procession and parade of the associations. Followed by agape at the village square and Embacher Schnalzer & Herreiter Hoagascht at the Krämerwirt.
T +43 6543 7215, find out more >>

WHEN 11.00 a.m. - WHERE  Hollersbach, Ortszentrum
The 39th Hollersbach Farmers' Market is known far beyond the borders. With an extensive framework and children's programme.
T +43 6562 4292, find out more >>

31 OCTOBER 2021 - WHEN 10.45 a.m. - WHERE Piesendorf, Aufhausen
Parade of the associations, festival service with blessing of the horses, equestrian and skill games. Food and drink will be provided.
T +43 6549 7239, find our more >>

Here, you will find an overview of all the events around the 25th Salzburg Bauernherbst >>

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