Come - Stay

Project sponsor:Regionalverband 14
Project duration:2011 - 2013
Amount invested:€ 180.000,-
Level of sponsorship:41 %

The Regional Association Upper Pinzgau initiated the project "Come-Stay" with the aim of doing something actively and collectively to counter the imminent skills shortage and exodus from the region. The Regional Association Upper Pinzgau pursues the following objectives with the project: On the one hand it aims to attract locals who have emigrated to return to to the regional job market. At the same time, it is aimed at everyone with an interest in Upper Pinzgau who may want to take up principal residence here. To this end, an internet platform has been set up and an office opened in the regional association. It is attempted to collect all relevant information about Upper Pinzgau region and make it quickly and easily accessible, with lots of data having been compiled on the platform for this purpose. The Come-Stay office is there to answer any questions and refer information and enquiries to the relevant authority. A key area of the Come-Stay project is to closely cooperate with local businesses to collect and make visible on the platform any job vacancies that may open up in the future as a result of, for example, retirements. This aims to counteract at an early stage any skills shortage that may arise. The Come-Stay project is a process. This means that the project is continuously being adapted to the needs. As a network in the region, Come-Stay the attempts to disseminate this information to businesses and other relevant institutions.

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