Golden eagle

The golden eagle is a mighty raptor with a wingspan of up to 220 cm. Older birds have a very dark appearance, while younger birds stand out with their white spots on the wings and the white tail with a black terminal bar. Additional characteristic features are the strongly digitated primary feathers and rather wide tail. The golden eagle's "proud" look is thanks to special bone formations above the eyes.

Golden eagles live in monogamous and permanent matrimony and breed in cliffs or large trees. Every pair of eagles has several aeries of which only one is used each year. The aeries of golden eagles are mostly located below the hunting grounds as moving prey downwards is easier. Golden eagles hunt in near-ground flight trying to surprise their prey at short distance. Most prey are ground-dwelling small to medium-sized mammals, which the golden eagle kills with its very strong toes and claws. The territory of a pair of golden eagles measures 50 km² - 150 km², depending on the quality of the habitat.

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