Fauna of the National Park

The Hohe Tauern National Park is home to more than 10,000 animal species. The living conditions for the species are very different, due to the various climate zones different altitudes. The higher you go, the more inhospitable these become. The living organisms in the Hohe Tauern have become specially adapted to these. 

With a wingspan up to 2.9 m, the bearded vulture is one of the largest birds in the world capable of flying.In flight, the often drooping wings and drooping tail, together with the downwards tilting head, form the typical appearance of this raptor.  more

The golden eagle is a mighty raptor with a wingspan of up to 220 cm. Older birds have a very dark appearance, while younger birds stand out with their white spots on the wings and the white tail with a black terminal bar. more

Among the birdlife in the Hohe Tauern, the griffon or white-headed vulture is something very special. It's the only area in all of the Alpine region, even in Central Europe, in which vultures living in the wild can be regularly observed. more

The ibex, one of the most stately mammals in the Hohe Tauern, is a true member of the goat family and can breed successfully with domestic goats. With its stocky, muscular figure it boasts snout-vent length of 150 cm and stands 90 cm high at the shoulder. more

Among the large animals of the Hohe Tauern, the diurnal, goat-like chamois that can be most often observed. Its summer coat is rust-brown, while in winter it turns blackish-brown. more

The Alpine Marmot – also colloquially knownas "Mankei" – lives in tight-knit families underground. Its dwellings are located in alpine meadows, boulder fields and alpine land at 1,400 m to 2,700 m altitude. Marmots warn each other of impending danger by whistling. more

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