Griffon vultures

Among the birdlife in the Hohe Tauern, the griffon or white-headed vulture is something very special. It's the only area in all of the Alpine region, even in Central Europe, in which vultures living in the wild can be regularly observed. Every year from May to September, often even into October, around 30 to 40, sometimes even 50, animals make their home here.

These birds are only here for summer, meaning they do not breed here. Today, breeding colonies can still be found in the Iberian peninsula, on Sardinia, the Balkans and the Crimean.

The vultures probably come from the Balkans. They are likely younger animals which do not yet breed, or adult birds whose breeding attempts were unsuccessful. Griffon vultures are very sociable. They rest in traditional, communal roosting places which remain the same for many years and are currently located in Rauris and Hollersbach valleys.

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