Surrogate Grandma

Project sponsor:Leader Region Nationalpark Hohe Tauern
Project duration:February 2011 - September 2014
Amount invested:€ 21.000,-
Level of sponsorship:100 %

Finding compatibility of family with children and work is not always easy in Pinzgau: childcare is often hard to arrange on weekends and times outside normal working hours, especially if you don't have any grandparents to fall back on. Many women work in retailing, caring professions or tourism. There are also many families who have moved to Pinzgau and lack the relevant social contacts, or those who seek relief not only by he hour but would like to find "surrogate grandparents" with whom they can establish more long-term and mutually beneficial family connections. In the city of Salzburg, relevant options already exist but establishing some in the rural areas was pursued only with the initiation of this project. The project employs a coordinator locally, who makes sure the expectations and requirements of the families and "surrogate grandma" are very clear to both parties in advance. The person best suited to look after the child/ren is then placed with the family and guidance and support provided for the first meetings between the two. Ultimately, it is the surrogates and families who decide whether they get along and want to enter a "surrogate grandma relationship". Preselection and placement are made in all conscience, but without guarantee. The project has been well received by the public and is regarded as a good idea. Two surrogate grandma training sessions have already been held as well as a first aid course and attendees had the chance to go on walks together to get to know each other and exchange ideas and opinions. Seventeen families have already been provided with a surrogate grandma or grandparents, taking into account proximity of residence and transport options. New surrogate grandparents are always in demand - more than 30 families are still waiting for "their surrogate grandma".

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