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Gold panning in Rauris valley

Real gold in the Valley of Vultures

One of the last remaining adventures of our time is real gold panning at the historic sites of the Goldberg Group Rauris. Surrounded by the free-flying bearded vultures and eagles of Krumeltal valley.

Here where gold panners tried their luck centuries ago, you too can pan for gold in the natural stream. Learn the art of gold panning and find your very own true Tauern gold.

A touch of romance and adventure sets in when the first gold glitters appear on the bottom of the pan and gleam in the sun. Vultures and eagles, high above the horizon, observe the gold panners busily working in the stream.

Join the search for the Rauris Tauern gold to the former stronghold of European gold mining. Gold, silver, rock crystals, minerals and historic buildings tell the story of the miners and the gold first hand.

Old miners' houses, mining galleries and remnants of the old townhall by the Goldberg mountain can be seen here. Learn more about the life of the miners who once cut gold from the mountain under the most difficult conditions.

The Tauern gold was discovered around 4,000 years ago. The discovery of a serpentine mortise axe leads to the conclusion that gold was mined for in the Hohe Tauern as early as in the Neolithic Age. Celts and Romans, too, used the deposits of gold, silver and lead around KolmSaigurn and Rauris valley.

We invite you to experience the mysticism of the Tauern gold and the historical buildings and places and to learn more about the former history of European gold mining.

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