Felsentherme Thermal Bath Bad Gastein

Powerful.Sensual.Being yourself.

There are things in life that cannot be described – but canbe experienced in a perfect world. Like the primal force of the Bad Gastein thermal waters, which sees the light of day high up and of the highest quality in the Bad Gastein thermal rock baths.And unadulterated in its most powerful form.As a gift of nature.

In the thermal rock baths it's easy to get back to the basics of a thermal bath: swimming in warm, healthy thermal water. This may be uninteresting to our senses, but hugely beneficial to our health. That's what the quiet but powerful sounds emanating from the thermal bath sound like. "We love our product and are proud of it. It is the most natural, primary and purest element right from the mountain – our curative water – enriched with precious radon, has fantastic effects on body and mind- and that's exactly what we want call our guests to mind again and make them aware of what's so special about it", as Petra Leiminger, Managing Director of the Felsentherme sums up the benefits of the curative water.

Only a very few know the primal power of the noble gas of radon, through which Bad Gastein got its world-famous reputation as a spa and health resort.

Nothing but pure truth - 1 million litres fresh daily

"We've always been a spa and health resort and that's what we want to remain. Our thermal water enriched with radon comes fresh from 18 springs every day directly into our Gastein therapy tubs. The way from the springs to the tubs is relatively short, so barely any of the healthy ingredients get lost: precious minerals and the valuable noble gas of radon have their effect where they should, relieve and heal, renew cells and tauten the skin. Add to this the almost unfathomable amount of 1 million litres of purest thermal water, in which our guests cleanse their body and mind on a daily basis. And this in absolute freshness and cleanliness", says Riener. 

Once upon a time in Bad Gastein – and it still is today: The healing power of radon

Water doesn't smell, has no shape, no taste and no colour. Yet still this natural product has incredible powers, just as it flows out of the mountain in Bad Gastein. It's not for nothing that millions of people used to make the pilgrimage to Bad Gastein in centuries past. What was discovered by chance by two monks, the healing of an injured deer's wounds with the aid of the water from the springs, is today recognised as a wonder drug of nature.

Muse not mass

The thermal rock baths of Bad Gastein are located 1,100 m above sea level, in the heart of the majestic health resort of Bad Gastein. Those who appreciate absolute peace and quiet, the freshest thermal water every day and plenty of clean air breathe in have come to the right place here. And here only.

And this is exactly where guests can expect unforgettable days under the banner of the primal force of water and their own health: Simply precious.

PS: Also just a stone's throw away from Carinthia. Either by car via the Tauern Motorail or directly by train. Get on in Carinthia and get off right in front of the thermal bath. A panoramic walkway 150 m long connects the thermal rock bath directly with the Bad Gastein railway station.

Further information can be found here.

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