National Park Workshop Hollersbach

- „this is what nature tastes like“

In the Klausnerhaus in Hollersbach – a rustic residential building from the 14th century – you can find the national park workshop. Here, practical access to nature in the national park takes centre stage. This ranges from "churning butter"' to "national park detectives" and leads children into the "world of taste, herbs, trees, berries and mushrooms". In the kitchen, students can then cook the delicacies they found in nature.

Four different modules can be booked here, with each module taking 4 hours.

Under the motto "this is what nature tastes like", there is a national park exhibition about elder on the ground floor of the Klausnerhaus. Here children learn interesting facts about this legendary plant, as well as the many applications of its berries and flowers. And just behind the Klausnerhaus lies the Hollersbach herb garden, offering the whole range of healing plants, culinary herbs and poisonous plants.

Modules that can be booked in the national park

Tree and forest tales

(recommended from 2nd grade)

In this module, the eight most important conifers of the Hohe Tauern are the teachers. Children get to touch and feel tree models, examine the wood's grain and appraise bark, leaf and fruit models. This allows them to understand much faster what distinguishes the trees from each other than through any book. Pupils also get a better understanding of the trees' small and big inhabitants.

Forensics - National Park Detectives

(recommended from 2rd grade)

Traces and tracks are found everywhere in nature. In this module, children get to explore trackways and feeding traces, learn what droppings and pellets are and discover various nests, dens and burrows. 

In the workshop, children acquire the knowledge they need to match the traces to individual species. Then they range the woods and fields with their eyes peeled to discover various tracks left behind by animals.

Culture with the hands and mouth

(recommended from 3rd grade)

Cream and butter are churned with hand-powered machines. The children assume the role of a farmer to learn the importance of transhumance for the landscape. In addition, sheep wool is turned into felt and the children make their very own "Schlinta" (they'll see what that is in the national park workshop).

That's what nature tastes like

(recommended from 3rd grade)

Wandering through forests and meadows, precious plants and medicinal herbs are collected. They are then prepared in the kitchen of the national park workshop. By tasting herbs, wild vegetables and berries, children learn about the healing, condimental and edible wild plants found in the national park region and discover first-hand the role they play in the ecosyctem Also, the teas, soups and spreads produced are delicacies not to be missed.


Cost per school class: € 105


(Max. number of participants per group: 15 pupils)

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