The largest glaciers in the Eastern Alps, the mightiest waterfalls in Europe, raging alpine streams, placid mountain lakes and mysterious gorges – water in the Hohe Tauern National Park comes in many forms and shapes.

The national park is home to 279 streams, of which 57 glacial streams, 26 major waterfalls and 10 gorges. Furthermore, there are 551 lakes measuring between 27.03 ha and 35 m². Of these lakes, 131 have (official) names. The Salzburg section of the national park covers 200 lakes, of which 140 lakes are in the core area and 60 lakes in the buffer zone.

Exceptional lakes in the national park at a glance:

  • Kratzenbergsee lake in Hollersbachtal valley measures an impressive 27 ha, making it the largest lake in the national park.
  • Schwarzsee lake in Lungau is the deepest in the national park area with its 56.8 m.
  • Uttendorf Stubachtal Valley is home to the highest located lake, Eissee, by Hochfürlegg mountain at 2,943 m altitude.
  • One of the likely most myth-enshrouded lakes in the national park is Schödersee lake. It'a periodoc lake which only forms after strong rainfall or during snowmelt.
  • Another distinct lake is Sandersee, located in the foreland to the Pasterze glacier. It has a braided system of runnels and delta formation can be observed.

The Krimml waterfalls are not only the biggest waterfalls in the Alps, but also in Europe and have a healing effect on those suffering from asthma and allergies.

This fascinating spectacle of the national park is not only a feast for the eyes, but also performs important functions for the ecosystem. The falls and surroundings are home to a myriad of plants, such as algae, moss and macrophytes. These plants benefit the countless animals living underwater. But nowhere near all the species of animals inhabiting the plants are known. Those we do know, however, range from small animals (micro- and mesofauna) to those living on land and water (e.g. dragonfly) to various fish.

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