Grossglockner High Alpine Road

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The Grossglockner High Alpine Road at the foot of Austria's highest mountain is among the most scenic panoramic roads in Europe. With 36 artfully designed bends it leads up to an altitude of 2,571 metres and ends at the longest glacier in the Eastern Alps, the Pasterze. An unforgettable excursion into Central Europe's largest national park.

Rushing waterfalls, gigantic views and snow fields at the height of summer make a visit to the Grossglockner High Alpine Road an unforgettable experience. It leads up into high alpine regions, which are normally reached only by experienced alpinists on foot. Particularly impressive are encounters with animals you would otherwise only get to see in the zoo. Marmots, ibexes or golden eagles can be observed in their wild habitats.

Expected to be open from mid-May 2021!

High Alpine Primeval Landscape

One of the highlights of a trip on the road is the ten kilometre long panoramic stretch at 2,400 metres above sea level: Here you'll see the Grossglockner and its glacier fields almost at eye level. The Pasterze can even be hiked on on secured paths: This primeval landscape with its permanent ice and glacier snout seems almost magical. The Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe houses a wide range of attractions for visitors on four floors with exhibitions and a cinema.

New as of 11 June 2014 "Alpine Love" – an art exhibition with music and more. Not far away, the Wilhelm-Swarovski observation tower has state-of-the-art optical equipment for watching mountaineers and wildlife.

Snowball fights in summer

But there's no shortage of fun on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road either: In the Alpine Nature Show Museum there's the fun Murmi-show, and along the road numerous exhibitions, theme trails and playgrounds beckon to explore new things or simply move about in the wonderful natural landscape with views of thirty 3,000-metre peaks. A little sliding session or snowball fight become unforgettable holiday fun in summer. With 2,571 metres, the Edelweissspitze is not only the highest point on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, but also the highest point in Austria accessible by car.

More information can be found here.

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