Youth Culture participation Project Pinzgau

Project sponsor:Akzente Pinzgau
Project duration:July 2010 - May 2012
Amount invested:€ 64.019,92
Level of sponsorship:50 %

The Youth Culture participation Project Pinzgau aims to spotlight the talents of young people from the region and to promote these. This project allows youth to prove their creativity in the fields of music and dance, and to incorporate their ideas into organising an event, a "youth cultural open-air music event". A major objective is the activation and networking of the youth culture scene in rural areas - especially in Pinzgau. It also aims to promote social skills such as dealing with stressful situations, teamwork, reliability, problem solving strategies and developing their own manners in the young adults. The project is financed with the support of all Pinzgau communities.

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