Place:Pass Thurn, Mittersill
Project sponsor:Leader Region NPHT
Project duration: 

July 2009 - June 2012

Amount invested:€ 130.200,-
Level of sponsorship:60 %

The Wasenmoos, a moorland at Pass Thurn, is a natural gem of the highest order. As the Wasenmoos meets all the criteria for "Wetlands of International Importance", it has even been awarded the RAMSAR title. This rating indicates that a natural gem can be protected while also being made accessible to visitors, making it one of the most significant agreements for the protection of habitats. 

Woodchip trails lead visitors past fascinating mosaic landscapes, allowing them to discover an enormous diversity of animals and plants. Through various measures, such as re-wetting, the original character of the mossland has been restored. It is also interesting that until the first half of the 20th century, peat was harvested here which farmers used as litter for their stables. Of course this harvesting changed nature, which information displays also present and explain. Another special feature of the Wasenmoos are the ever-changing atmospheres depending on the weather condition. This makes each and every visit to the Wasenmoos interesting and different. It allows visitors to always discover something new and keeps boredom at bay. 80 different species of moss, special features like orchids, animals such as the Silver-studded Blue, the Arctic Brilliant Emerald or the Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary make this natural landscape a natural spectacle extraordinaire.

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