Herb Garden Hollersbach

Project sponsor:Mittersill plus GmbH
Project duration:May 2008 - August 2009
Amount invested:€ 103.564,-
Level of sponsorship:47 %

The herb garden in Hollersbach was established as a successor to the Yves Rocher herb fields. Herbs in particular have a long tradition in Hollersbach and when Yves Rocher decided to close down the herb fields, an association was formed which decided to set up the herb garden. Herbs, which are found in the region in their form, were lovingly arranged in a large-area garden next to small ponds, lawns and rocks. Be it poisonous plants or herbs and hedge plants in cottage gardens, you'll find them in Hollersbach and as long as they're edible you can also taste them. The ladies who tend the gardens make home-made herb tea, herb salt or herb-flavoured vinegar for sale. This project is a very good example of safeguarding old knowledge and provides a nice additional option for locals and guests in the region in cooperation with the Hohe Tauern National Park.

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